DisplayPort Cables - Fiber Optic

The CAB-DPX-075 has been discontinued and replaced by the CAB-DPX-100.

Employing fiber optic materials in construction and inheriting legendary transfer speeds and immunity to signal disturbances, DisplayPort DPX Extreme cables open up new options for long-distance DisplayPort signal extension.

Robust construction guarantees flawless function in the rigors of most operating environments. These cables are a hybrid of copper conductors and glass optical fibers with advanced electro-optical circuits embedded in the DisplayPort connectors.

Gefen DisplayPort cables offer resolutions up to 2560x1600@30Hz.

NOTE: The main DisplayPort cable is female to female type, and includes two 1-ft DisplayPort (male to male) cables.





CAB-DPX-100 DisplayPort Extreme Extension Cable 100 ft $926.00
CAB-DPX-150 DisplayPort Extreme Extension Cable 164ft $1,338.00
CAB-DPX-210 DisplayPort Extreme Extension Cable 230 ft $1,499.00
CAB-DPX-300 DisplayPort Extreme Extension Cable 330 ft $1,999.00