DisplayPort Super Booster Cable

Gefen DisplayPort Super Booster Cables:These copper cable-based solutions, come with a built-in integrated DisplayPort Super Booster at one end, and are available in lengths of 50, 75, and 100 feet.

Gefen DisplayPort Super Booster cables offer resolutions to 2560x1600@30Hz.

How They Work: Connect one end of this DisplayPort connector to the DisplayPort source. Connect the other end of the cable to the DisplayPort display. This plug and play installation takes just a few seconds.

A Note on Power:
Occasionally a video source will not supply enough power for the EXT-DPSB cable.
A universal power supply (Gefen Model No. EXT-PS51AIP) is included with each cable to prevent this from happening.

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NOTE:The following calbes have been discontinued.

  • EXT-DPSB-50
  • EXT-DPSB-75
  • EXT-DPSB-100

    Replacements can be found here: DisplayPort Cables - Fiber Optic