DVI to DVI and VGA (Discontinued)

Pass DVI-D and Component Video

This product has been discontinued and replaed by the Gefen ADA-DVI-VGADVI.

The DVI to DVI and VGA adapter allows you to pass-through either VGA and/or DVI-D video from a single video source (typically a computer video card).

How It Works

Simply plug the male DVI-I connector into the DVI source. Connect the DVI-I female connector to the DVI display and/or the VGA connector to the VGA display.

Note:  When using a computer graphics card, the DVI port must be capable of outputing a digital and an analog signal SIMULTANEOUSLY to get two active displays.

Package Includes:

  • (1) DVI to DVI and VGA Adapter (ADA-DVI-2-DVIVGA)