Gefen Releases New DVI Extenders for High Demand Applications

Two new DVI over CAT-X cable products join Gefen’s growing selection of extension solutions with unique product features and streamlined installation options.

DVI ELR over One CAT5

The DVI ELR (Extra Long Range) Extender over One CAT-5 (EXT-DVI-1CAT5-ELR) provides a cost-effective solution for a longer-range transport of uncompressed DVI using HDBaseT™.  It supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 WUXGA and extends DVI up to 150 meters using just one CAT-5e cable, which is 50 meters farther than previous solutions.  Its “green” operating mode helps preserve power when the product is not in active use. Surface-mountable enclosures allow for an easy and secure installation.  Locking power supply connectors ensure an uninterrupted performance.

DVI Extender w/Galvanic Isolator

The DVI Extender w/Galvanic Isolator (EXT-DVI-1CAT6-GI) sends DVI video up to 40 meters using one CAT-6 cable or up to 30 meters using one CAT-5e cable.  Video resolutions up to 1920x1200 WUXGA are supported. Gefen's galvanic isolation design provides up to 5kV of isolation between the source and downstream equipment, decreasing the risk of electric shock or system damage.  This is especially important in sensitive applications such as in medical and healthcare-related installations. This new technology was developed to enable the use of copper cables instead of fiber optic cables in applications where electrical isolation is a must and the signal extension range is short. It provides integrators with an alternative to use more economical cabling in an installation that would previously have required fiber optic cabling.

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