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This product is discontinued. For an alternative solution, Gefen recommends the CAT5 9000.

The PCX150 extends your keyboard, video and mouse up to 500 feet away from the location of your PC computer. The PCX150 is compatible with all PC computers, monitors, mouse and trackball devices. And they feature the same plug-and-play capability, making them just as easy to install.


How it works:
The PCX150S sits next to the PC CPU. Straight KVM cables connect the CPU and the PCX150S unit. The cables are supplied with the PCX150 package. The PCX150R unit is placed next to the monitor and keyboard in the extended location. The monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected to the PCX150R. Extension cables are placed between the PCX150S and the PCX150R units.
The monitor extension cable is an RGB cable made of five (5) coax cables snaked together.
The keyboard/mouse extension cables are a link cable RJ-45 with eight (8) wires. The PCX150 was designed to handle the amplification necessary to send the KVM signals through cables up to the specified distance.
The units terminate with the same connector types used by PC monitors, keyboards and mouse devices.

Package Includes:
PCX•150S Send Unit
PCX•150R Receive Unit
Two Power Cords
One 6ft VGA Cable PC/Black
Two PS/2 Mouse Cables

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