This product is discontinued. For an alternative solution, Gefen recommends the KS-108.

Use a single monitor, keyboard and mouse to switch between multiple PC, SGI and Macintosh computers

Now you can work on any combination of Macintosh PC and/or SGI computers - using only one monitor, keyboard and mouse.
The PC/Mac2000 cross platform switch saves space and there's no need to work on a desk crowded with multiple monitors, keyboards and mouse devices. It saves time and there's no need to move from one monitor to another to access different computers. And, it saves money & there's no need to purchase additional monitors, mouse devices, keyboards etc.
By connecting multiple PC/Mac2000s in cascade, you can easily access up to 60 computers from one workstation.


How it works
The PC/Mac2000 switches between PC and Macintosh computers located near each other. Simply plug your peripherals directly into the switch, connect the cables to the computers you want to control, select the computer you want to work on, and you're ready.
The PC/Mac2000 allows you to choose between the Macintosh or PC. Switching between computers is done from the keyboard, keyswitch or by remote control using Gefen's RMT-16. The PC/MAC2000 is rackmountable.

• Saves money on hardware costs
• Saves space on your desktop
• Increases productivity - saves time
• Maintains highest resolution video
• Use either PC or Mac keyboard
• Cascade and switch safely between up to 64 different computers
• Keyboard, keyswitch or remote control
• Rackmountable


• Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 350 MHz
• Actual Bandwidth: 120 MHz
• Input Video Signal: 1.2 Volts p-p
• Input Sync Signal: 5 Volts p-p (TTL)
• Horizontal Frequency Range: 15-100 KHz
• Vertical Frequency Range: 30 - 170 Hz
• Video In: HD-15
• Remote Connector: RJ-11
• Video out: HD-15
• Link Connector: RJ-45
• ADB Keyboard Connectors: 4 Pin MiniDin
• PS/2 Keyboard Connectors: 6 Pin MiniDin
• PS/2 Mouse Connectors: 8 Pin MiniDin
• Power Supply: 100-240 volts
• Power Consumption: 15 Watts (max.)
• Dimensions: 5.5"H x 8.5"W x 6.5"D
• Shipping Weight: 10 lbs.

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