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This product has been discontinued.

For an alternative, Gefen recommends:

4x2 DVI Switcher

Switches between four computers with DVI outputs using one or two (mirrored) DVI displays.

Now you can switch easily and reliably between any combination of four DVI (or ADC) computers using one USB keyboard/mouse, DVI monitor and audio device.

How it works:
The 4x1 DVI Switch switches DVI, USB and audio between four computers. Simply plug your peripherals directly into the back of the Switcher, connect the supplied cables to the computers you want to control, push to select the computer you want to work on, and you're switching. The 4x1 DVI Switcher allows you to choose between a Macintosh or PC keyboard/video/mouse combination. Switching between computers is done from a key switch or remotely using contact closure remote control.

Any Apple flat panel display can be connected when used with our DVI to ADC Conversion Box.

This device is not HDCP compliant.

Package Includes:
the DVI Switcher
One 12v Power Supply
Four 6ft DVI cables
Four 6ft USB cables
Four Audio cables

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