Gefen® Products Deliver Extensive, Advanced AV over IP Solutions

Known the world over for seamless, advanced signal distribution and control solutions for most every commercial application, Gefen® announces an array of new, powerful features that facilitate independent routing of individual AV signals within its second generation of AV over IP products.

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4k Ultra HD

The future. Now 4k.

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AV over IP

Access Anywhere.

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One and done.

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Do the impossible.

Gefen creates solutions that redefine what’s possible with video distribution, including 600MHz UHD.

Game-changing Solutions for Retail Environments

Retail environments must accommodate many factors and people. Customers, staff, multiple displays, video formats and more. See why the world’s largest retailer chose Gefen products for 5,000 locations across the United States.

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Robust, Reliable Systems for Broadcasters

From television to film, broadcasters rely on Gefen to manage and route multisource video signals to outputs ranging from displays to capture cards.


Immersive Video at the World’s Most Recognized Venues

Gefen creates the solutions that support complex and sophisticated on-site video distribution required for any sized venue, from small-scale entertainment venues to much larger stadiums and arenas.

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Seamless, Scalable Solutions for Government and Education

From classrooms to courtrooms, Gefen products can be easily designed into your spaces to fit your organization’s specific needs and budget.

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