Gefen® makes it possible with an extensive portfolio of 4k Ultra HD Splitters, Switchers, Extenders and Matrixes

What is 4K Ultra HD?

4K Ultra High Definition television (UHDTV) is the standard that dramatically improves upon the picture quality and detail of 1080p Full HD. In October 2012, the Consumer Electronics Association defined and approved the Ultra High Definition standard, which calls for a minimum resolution of 3840×2160. The high resolution of Ultra HD increases picture quality in large displays, enabling closer viewing without noticing pixels. Ultra HD can also improve small displays, providing increased definition in the same sized screen. Ultra HD is the next logical step in the progression of display standards, and will be supported for years to come.

The Freedom to Split, Switch, Matrix and Extend Ultra HD

Gefen now provides a wide portfolio of solutions to upgrade systems to 4K Ultra HD resolutions. Whether it’s a simple home theater or a large video distribution network, our products are designed for simple Plug-and-Play installation, while including the pro features you won’t find elsewhere. HDMI is an excellent, uncompressed medium for delivery of 4K content suitable for a variety of environments. Upgrading systems to 4K provides massive benefits in picture resolution, and dramatically “ups” the visual impact to customers. Create striking digital signage displays, high-impact corporate presentations and more, with the help of Gefen’s Ultra HD compatible products.

How One Business Benefits from Ultra HD

Garden Emporium, a modest-sized indoor/outdoor gardening store, wanted an effective way to improve the look of their outdoor video kiosks, which are located on isle end caps. Customers often stood close to the 60” vertical 1080p displays, and complained about blurry text. To solve the problem, Garden Emporium chose to replace them with 60″ Ultra HD LED displays. The PC that powered the kiosks had a video card that supported 4K resolution, thus out of the box the text looked crisp and sharper. Their splitter was upgraded to the Gefen ToolBox 1:8 Splitter for HDMI 4K2K which was required to distribute a 4K signal to the panels.

Now, many businesses like Garden Emporium are upgrading to Ultra HD and, using Gefen’s wide portfolio of 4K UHD products, are able to take advantage of high resolution displays.

Professional features standard with Gefen.

Advanced EDID Management

Easily resolve common source and display issues by setting a custom EDID setting for your display.

Fast Switching Technology

FST provides quicker switching between different audio/video sources. In addition to fast switching, it improves overall audio/video system behavior and performance when more than one Ultra HD display is used in the system. FST allows users to connect/disconnect and turn displays on or off without affecting other hi-def sources routed to other HDTV displays in the same system.

TOSLINK® Digital Audio Output

Units with a TOSLINK output extract digital audio signals from HDMI and provide separate TOSLINK outputs for use with audio receivers and other devices.


Control the functions of your Gefen device using the built-in Web Server Interface, IP (Telnet and UDP), and RS-232.


Always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, Gefen supplies the infrastructure you need to build a next generation audio/video system capable of delivering 3DTV for stunning visuals.


When I need a creative HDMI solution, I always turn to Gefen® for products I know will work and continue to work long after the installation is complete.”

— Scott Craig, Integrator