About Gefen

About Us

Gefen® is a leading developer of innovative audio, video and computer signal processing solutions for commercial and prosumer applications. With a heritage of practical innovation, Gefen provides intuitive connectivity products and solutions that bridge the gap between rapidly advancing technology and real-world applications. Gefen elevates system performance by making connectivity and signal management seamless.

We reinforce our commitment to high quality, problem-solving products with dedicated service and support, backed by the resources of the Nice North America family of companies. By solving real problems with intuitive connectivity, Gefen helps maximize the value of integrated systems.

Gefen Innovations

System Integrators around the world consistently turn to Gefen for quality products that sustain the test of time, supported by technical representatives skilled in a wide variety of real-world installations and the latest technology.

Gefen’s product innovations, including Fast Switching Technology (FST) and advanced EDID management options, significantly enhance the performance of audio/video systems. Wireless high definition video extension, integration of alternative content for digital cinemas, and IP control on Gefen products using the web server interface also adds to its reputation as a significant supplier for system integrators.

Gefen was the first to become officially certified by HDBaseT, further demonstrating its ability to remain at the forefront of the digital connectivity industry. Gefen was also one of the first to support 4K Ultra HD resolutions, the wireless 5 GHz standard, 3DTV and 3G SDI formats.

Gefen’s commitment to supplying integrators with the most reliable, effective and forward-thinking solutions remains steadfast. As we move forward into the 21st century, Gefen leads the way in harnessing new technologies while increasing its value-added proposition through outstanding customer service and technical assistance.


Gefen, from Nice North America, first emerged as a player in the computer connectivity arena in 1995 when marketing a line of computer peripheral extenders known as the ex-tend-it Professional Series. The products, which extended KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) peripherals away from the computer, were originally designed to solve the problem of computer noise interfering with studio production. Switchers, which access multiple sources from a single KVM workstation, were also developed together with distribution amplifiers, splitters, converters and cables as the product line naturally evolved.

In the late 1990s, Gefen became an early adopter of the digital interfaces that would soon develop into HDTV (high definition television), providing solutions for both professional and consumer industries. To accommodate the phase between analog and digital worlds, Gefen’s success in the conversion and adaptation of traditionally incompatible video signals added to its reputation as an innovative technology solutions provider.

Gefen continued to remain on the leading edge of new technologies and their applications and has consistently been the first to market with innovative products that are highly valued in major industries spanning the globe.


Gefen will always offer the finest quality products at the best possible price. Included in that price is a lifetime of free support from a team of outstanding engineers.