Gefen Drives the Broadcast

With reliable and robust performance.

Control Rooms

In control rooms, the success of operations depends upon full situational awareness and the ability to convert information into action. Visualization systems powered by Gefen in control room environments empower decision makers with visual access to dynamic information from multiple sources and enable rapid decision-making and response. Gefen enhances collaboration and knowledge-sharing while supporting security protocols in high-stress environments where being reliable and resilient is not optional.

Post Production Workflows

Post production workflows vary wildly depending on content and purpose, and can be as simple as software on a single work station, or as complex as a symphony of workstations, DAWs and preview displays working together. Gefen provides low-latency converters, distribution amplifiers and more to make sure that your post production set up is never a show stopper.

Production Workflows

From live event to film and television, signal flow is a foundation of any production environment. Gefen ensures signal flow is never an issue, allowing the distribution, conversion, extension and management of any signal, no matter its origin source or output destination.


“Easy Gefen integration offers customers a fantastic opportunity to increase their current system’s functionality without purchasing a new system.” ”

— Tom Impellizeri| EIZO OEM Business & Product Manager