4K Ultra HD 2:8 Splitter


Game Changing Solutions for digital signage. IP or CEC controlled optimized for retail digital signage. 

  • Real time monitoring of all HDMI ports​
  • Live feedback when a TV is not active nor connected​
  • Control all cascaded splitters through the IP network for easy maintenance


Easy Install. Simply plug -&- play and you’re ready to deploy and upgrade retail store displays with minimum downtime

Centralized Management. Control & monitor all cascaded splitters through IP network for easy maintenance

Auto-Downscale. Automatically scale 4K content down to 1080p in mixed display scenarios

Self Healing. System automatically returns the display to preselected content, even after shoppers interact with the displays

Always On with Smart CEC. Each 1:1 replicating output ensures displays are always on and displaying your content, providing shoppers with the best retail experience


Smart CEC Management:

Display Always On:

Automatically downscale 4K to 1080p content [with mixture of displays]:

Cascade Network ConnectivityDual Input Selection:

Automatic Fail-over Switching
Choose when/how back-up source is triggered

Other Specifications