The Most Robust, Powerful Digital Signage Available

For over 20 years, Gefen® products have been on the forefront of technology, providing superior, all-encompassing video solutions for retail applications all over the world. With rapid change, retail environments today must accommodate many factors and people including customers, staff, multiple displays, varying video formats, upscaling/downscaling, switching content and more. Often, video isn’t shown as its best, or someone touches a display, causing valuable systems to go down.

That’s why the world’s largest retailer chose Gefen products for 5,000 locations across the country. They understand that we bring the most robust, powerful digital signage systems to retail venues. Gefen offers easy-to-install video systems that work seamlessly with a huge number of displays, optimize video for all and provide centralized, reliable management regardless of the equipment used. Our advanced digital systems are the only ones to offer self-healing, always-on solutions so your content, advertising and retail opportunities are always maximized and uninterrupted.


  • Easiest to install
  • Most engaging in-store advertising, video and shopping experience
  • Centralized management
  • Tamper-proof, self healing and always on
  • Auto-downscaling technology
  • Low-profile form factor for hiding behind walls and displays
  • Lowest cost of ownership for operation and maintenance
  • Increased sales opportunities with always-functioning technology
Technical Highlights

Now Available!

Gefen splitters designed for retail application

  • Smart CEC management
  • Display Always On and Display Input Switching
  • Automatically downscale 4K to 1080p with mixture of displays
  • Cascade network connectivity
Technical Highlights

Now Available!

Gefen splitters designed for retail application

  • All features of the 1:8 Splitter
  • Dual inputs for hosting a primary and back-up source
  • Automatic input switching ensures content is always available
  • Choose when and how the back-up source is triggered


When I need a creative HDMI solution, I always turn to Gefen for products I know will work and continue to work long after the installation is complete.”

— Scott Craig, Integrator