A New Level of Control with AV-over-IP Solutions

Staff Writer | April 15, 2020

There’s no question that communication nowadays is driven by video. Therefore, it’s imperative that the technology and control of video must be robust, seamless and accommodate every type of modern space and signal. With that, let’s talk AV-over-IP solutions with the Product Manager forGefen®, Jason Fitzgerald.

AV-over-IP is the most versatile AV signal management platform available today, with the ability to split, switch, matrix, convert and extend AV signals in every product. Jason is well-versed in AV-over-IP solutions, and explained that while many AV-over-IP systems on the market route all their signals, including audio, video, serial, IR and USB, to a single destination at once, the new Gefen AV-over-IP product update brings complete control of each signal’s route. Jason spoke about the growth of AV-over-IP products last year to Commercial Integrator, and now we can really see the enhancements come to life.

New Enhancements 

The new level of control Gefen® give both integrators and end users the power to discretely separate and distribute any audio and video signal for whole-site AV distribution and control without interrupting the current configuration of the system. This matrixing capability allows IR and serial control to be accurately directed for easy management of sources and displays.

Other features, such as advanced EDID management, helps solve many of the key issues that installers face in the field. An all new interface is integrated into each product along with updates to the EXT-CU-LAN Matrix Controller that will manage all the new features.

The latest features provide expanded capability and new efficiencies such as independent routing that enables users to experience true matrixing for every AV and control signal. The solutions were shown at the ISE Show in February and delivered to customers in March.

Worldwide Solutions 

Historically, commercial video solutions have been able to combine various capabilities of our new functions in one product, but we saw adaptability and scalability of AV-over-IP lacking in the worldwide market. This, coupled with our customers’ project needs, was the genesis of our new enhancements, according to Jason.

The product enhancements from Gefen® affect a wide range of clients, and countries for that matter. Our products are used in today’s offices, large arenas, entertainment venues and the like. Additionally, Gefen® is popular overseas, where 45% of Gefen AV-over-IP products are sold internationally.

What’s particularly exciting is that 15 existing products of Gefen® will immediately benefit from this update including all second-gen AV-over-IP products and the Matrix Controller.

We are looking forward to hearing and seeing – over video – what our partners have to say in real-time around the world.

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