Gefen at the Venue

Gefen gives facility and IT staff the tools they need to create intuitive AV systems that scale to meet the needs on any sized venue.

Campus Wide Signage

Gefen connects multi-building campuses with scalable solutions designed to guide students, faculty, and visitors alike. Gefen provides the infrastructure needed to support campus-wide signage applications regardless of the digital signage players, displays or software used to power them. Whether using the versatile AV over IP solutions, long distance fiber optic extenders, or products using our implementation of the HDBaseT standard, Gefen has a wide range of solutions to take signal across campus with no degradation.

Entertainment Venues

Whether it’s on the silver screen, or the one behind the sports bar, Gefen has everything needed for video distribution systems that deliver stunning and immersive video to keep your guests entertained.

Large Venues

Creating a seamless information network in a large scale environment doesn’t have to be hard. Gefen simplifies massive AV systems by reducing infrastructure complexity, and supporting easy to use and manage control.

Emergency Alert Systems

Gefen delivers unparalleled solutions when it comes to alerting staff and visitors of any emergency circumstances. A fully integrated AV system can automatically display emergency instructions that can be updated from a central control system.


Gefen equipment completely eliminates reliability issues, and offers a seamless new way to distribute content across multiple displays.”

— Matthew Joyce, WED Group Services & Integration Manager