Warranty Information

12 Months

Mighty Mule MM260

Mighty Mule MM262

Mighty Mule MM371

Mighty Mule MM372

Mighty Mule MM360

Mighty Mule FM200

Mighty Mule FM350

Mighty Mule MM9545

Mighty Mule MM9434

Mighty Mule MM9333

Mighty Mule Accessories

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18 Months

Mighty Mule MM571

Mighty Mule MM572

Mighty Mule MM560

Mighty Mule MM562

Mighty Mule MM462

Mighty Mule FM500

Mighty Mule FM502

Mighty Mule FM402

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24 Months

Mighty Mule MM362

Mighty Mule MM660

Mighty Mule 362-D

Mighty Mule 600

Mighty Mule SL2000B

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Warranty Program

The Nice North America (NSC) warranty program starts from the date of final product sale. In order to return products for warranty repairs, please call for a returned goods authorization number (RGA #) at 800-543-1236. For warranty repair service, proof of purchase will be required. Regrettably, we are unable to accept or process shipments sent to us without an assigned RGA# clearly marked on the
outside of the box.
  • Contact the Technical Support Department for an RGA #.
  • Have available for the technician, the quantity and model of the products to be returned.
  • Attach receipts to products to be considered under warranty.
  • Pack products to be returned appropriately to prevent damage during shipment back to NSC.
  • Clearly mark the RGA# on the outside of the package and return to NSC.
Attn: (RGA number)
Nice North America
8740 South Crossroads Drive
Suite 100Olive Branch, MS 38654
We will examine and diagnose your equipment thoroughly. If we find a manufacturer’s defect, we will repair or replace the defective part under warranty. However, if the equipment has been damaged by power surge, lightning, insects, or abuse, we will call you with a price quote on the cost of the repairs.

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Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm EST
. Toll Free (800) 543-1236
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